Saturday, 19 October 2013

Sober October

This month there has been a movement called Go Sober for October, the aim of this is to get people to go without alcohol for a month whilst raising awareness and money to support cancer treatment and research. Whether you've been doing Go Sober For October or not, cutting down on alcohol could be hugely helpful.

Cutting out alcohol can help save money therefore leaving you with a bigger bank balance each month. There are also numerous health benefits. You'll live a life without the fear of the dreaded hangover. Cutting out alcohol will lead to clearer skin, cleaner hair and increased energy levels which will lead to higher productivity to help you work towards and achieve your goals. A lack of alcohol in your life will also help you to sleep better and snore less and leave you feeling generally more healthy. You'll be less likely to develop certain cancers and other internal issues caused by alcohol. So, rather than just cutting down for a month, why not cut out almost entirely? I used to have regular pints throughout uni. It wasn't ever really to get drunk, it was just something that we students had adopted into our lifestyle. Cutting down on my alcohol consumption has left me with better skin and hair and I've seen a drop in my weight. I feel a lot better in terms of health. So far I've not had an alcoholic beverage at all this month. I like to have a pint every now and then or a glass of wine at events but from now on I'll try to keep to a maximum of two alcoholic drinks at outings because I personally prefer feeling healthy and not clogging my body up. I hope you'll join me too. If you're alcohol dependant then maybe speak to your doctor before any major lifestyle change such as this. Sobriety is not just for October. This is your body. It was made for you and it deserves to be cared for.

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