Thursday, 31 October 2013

Fevre Dream: Review (comics + novel)

Happy Halloween!

Since my youth I've been utterly fascinated with the myths surrounding vampirism. This interest means I watch a lot of vampire films and read a lot of vampire literature and I'd like to share with you a recent find of mine. As promised I sat down with the novel and the comic adaptation and had a read of both and am here to share my thoughts with you.

When I started reading Fevre Dream I had no knowledge of the plot. I like George R.R Martin and am a huge Game of Thrones fan so I decided to check out some of his work when I stumbled across the first three issues of the Fevre Dream comic at Mega City Comics in Camden. I have to tell you that I was thoroughly pleased with this utter gem. This is an incredibly original, interesting vampire story that lovers of Anne Rice, Mark Twain or Stephen King will certainly appreciate. It explores the morality of vampirism and actually makes some really good points on how humans and vampires are probably more alike than we think. The novel, and the comic books that follow, are a darkly romantic tale of vampirism and river life with chilling, staccato moments of horror and twists and turns. I highly enjoyed both the book and the comics. The novel is so beautifully written and the novel, being so faithful, totally follows. Indeed I found the comics to be very faithful to the book. I loved that George R.R Martin had involvement with the story in novel and comic book form. If you read GRRM's short story "Four Color Fanboy" in "DreamSongs", his anthology of short stories, you'll know how utterly devoted he is to comic books. He was writing comic books way before his longer novels that he's so famous for. The Fevre Dream comics are beautifully drawn and coloured.  I'd see this if it were a movie. I'm hoping for a Fevre Dream movie.

Consider this my All Hallows Read gift to you: go out and find yourself a copy of Fevre Dream be it the comics or the novel and take a bite. If you're a vampire fan then I assure you, you won't be disappointed.

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