Thursday, 6 December 2018


Hello Readers!

Anyone still there? I know I've been terrible at writing here in recent years and yet this blog still gets regular views. Exciting news: after two years without a functioning laptop, I have just been given a second hand laptop and will be able to write and blog and work again freely. I am really excited to be able to work and write again and have sufficient tools to do so. I work a lot better with a laptop because I need to be able to move around and get comfortable. I am currently curled up on the sofa, with both of my puppies snuggled up asleep by my side. Heaven! So I am hoping to be writing here more and writing more in general. I have recently started working on a new book and am turning my attention to the New Year and all the things I'm hoping to achieve in that time.

Tuesday, 2 October 2018


Hello Readers,

Since my wedding, I've not really posted much here. I wanted to say that I've been working on a full write up of my wedding day, with all the little details, so that I can capture all the memories. I'm looking to publish it once we get our wedding photos back because it takes a billion years to get your wedding photos nowadays. Once I've got photos that I can integrate into the blog post, I'll finish it up and post the full thing. So far I've only written up to the end of the ceremony and she's one looooong blog post. I have, however, just posted the playlist we used for our wedding breakfast and shortly I will post our evening wedding playlist.

In the meantime, how cute is this photo? Hannah and I, smooching away.
From left to right: Han's Best Man Jason, my Maid of Honour Bethany, me, Hannah, then bridesman Jamie and bridesmaid Julia. Those are some very important people.

Monday, 1 October 2018

Our Wedding Breakfast Playlist...

 So movies have always been important for Hannah and I throughout our lives and our relationship. When we started dating, we would go on cinema dates together and sneak in whisky to drink in the back row. I spent years working in a cinema, where I would cover late shifts and Hannah would greet me when I came home after midnight. We curl up and watch films together in our home with our various pets. We decided that we wanted to incorporate our love of film in our big day therefore I put together a wedding breakfast playlist predominantly utilising songs from movies (or covers of songs from movies on piano where the original song might be a bit cheesy or not fit the mood)

I thought this would be fun because it would also act as an ice breaker. People would stop and say "Oh, what is this song? It's from a movie... Oh Gosh, from where do I know this song?" and we thought it'd prompt people into conversation.

We walked into the dining hall to the opening theme from the Buffy The Vampire Slayer musical episode, Once More With Feeling. If anyone from my wedding party recognised this song, you are awesome. It was immediately followed by a strings and piano version of I Giorni which we had walked down the aisle to at the start of our ceremony. The playlist features songs from films and TV shows that Hannah and I have both watched and enjoyed together. In the playlist there are songs from films like Amelie, The Princess Bride, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Pearl Harbour, Gladiator, The Lion King, The Great Gatsby, Brokeback Mountain, Game of Thrones (although I almost put in music from The Red Wedding episode and promptly removed it - that would've felt like a bad omen!), Edward Scissorhands, Down With Love, About Time, Stranger Things, The Book of Life, Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence, Big Fish and The Phantom of the Opera to name a few...  

We even snuck in a few songs from The Sims just to see if anyone of our age range noticed!
The majority of the songs chosen were instrumental only and had to fit the vibe of the day (nothing too dramatic or intense!) and we spent ages putting this playlist together and I treasure it fondly. I have some great pictures of my bridesmaids jamming out to the music.

Please find our wedding breakfast playlist below:

Monday, 23 July 2018

She Keeps Me Warm

....Aaaand for my third scheduled post of the day, please find the song we'll be doing our first dance to some time around the time this post goes up. As soon as we heard this song, we knew it was the one for our first dance on our wedding day.

On the line "Do you like kissing girls?" my partner (wait, now my WIFE!) and I always shout "YES!!!!"

No Matter Where You Are

Following my last post, this is another automated post.
On this day, our wedding day, we should have/should be about to walk back down the aisle.
We will be walking back down the aisle to this song: No Matter Where You Are by Us The Duo.

As soon as we heard this song, around the time of the release of the film The Book Of Life, we knew this would be the one. Way before we were engaged we knew we wanted this song on our wedding day to play once we were finally married. It seemed like the perfect way to end our wedding on a real high! This song was actually written by the band, Us The Duo, who are a husband and wife duo and they wrote and performed this song for the first time on their wedding day so it is incredibly special to them and now to us also. 

I'm married!

I Giorni

So today is the day!
It's 13:00.
I've scheduled this post to go up just as my fiancee and I are about to walk down the aisle.
We've chosen to walk down to I Giorni by Ludovico Einaudi.
Hopefully, as this automatic post is updated, I'm finally being reunited with my partner at the end of the aisle ready to finally, after 8 years, get married.

Sunday, 8 July 2018

How To Put Together A Great Wedding Playlist!

So I am now a few weeks away from my wedding and everything is going full speed! Ours is a wedding made up of things my partner and I love. One of my biggest pieces of advice for any couple getting married is to be selfish. It's usually your money paying for the day - and it is your day. There are plenty of things we've done in our wedding that may appear unconventional. For one, we are not hiring a DJ. I used to be a DJ and I honestly cannot stand going to events and finding it has a cheesy DJ playing the same cheesy tracks he cracks out at every event. If I have to listen to Come On Eileen by Dexy's Midnight Runners, I'll be the one the bar.

On our wedding day, I decided I didn't want cheesy tunes. I used to be a DJ myself and there was no way I was going to let some stranger pick songs that just don't suit the mood. I decided I would DJ my own wedding. Now of course I want to be able to lie back and enjoy the day so I put together a playlist and a friend is overseeing the equipment, will bring it to the venue and set everything up and oversee the evening. I went through my guest list and asked people for their song recommendations. What song would be guaranteed to get them up and dancing? Then I added those songs into the playlist to make sure there were songs in our playlist sure to get different people there on the day up and dancing. I then peppered these songs throughout all the songs that I had personally chosen for the wedding day: songs that represent my partner and I, songs that hold memories with various friends or family members, feel good songs that have framed my life.

Initially, I tried so hard to please everyone and didn't keep track of timings and somehow made an 11 hour and 45 minute playlist for a 5 hour evening disco and then had the perilous task of going through and cutting songs out. It was like Sophie's Choice but I stuck to my guns and didn't delete any David Bowie songs from the playlist.

We made our playlist on Spotify and our friend will be using his equipment to play it for us free of charge. This saves us money but also our ear drums - I don't think I could stand a DJ cranking up some Justin Bieber on the most magical day of my life....

Shortly I'll post our full wedding playlist for those seeking inspiration.