Wednesday, 30 October 2013

31 Horror Films in 31 Days Challenge: Film Twenty Five: Life Blood (2009) / Pearblossom

This is yet another blog-along post where I'll be blogging along as I watch another horror film as part of the 31 Horror Films in 31 Days challenge. 
Warning: Since I'm blogging my thoughts whilst watching the film THERE WILL BE SPOILERS.

These are raw blog posts. I start and I write until I finish without any editing afterwards. I just post the raw thoughts from the film as they occur. I enter this film with absolutely no prior knowledge. Enjoy, 

Apparently this film is also known as "Pearblossom"

UH OH. LESBIANS. THURRR BE LESBIANS. I hope this is handled tastefully, dear God I do...

Uncomfortable threat of sexual assault isn't fun to watch. No wonder the actress in this role has since tried to downplay her role within this film. At least the rapist was confronted and is depicted as an utter jerk. 
I suspect a case of Schroedinger's douchebag.  

I, like Amelie, cannot stand when characters don't pay attention to the road when driving. AND LOOK THEY KILLED A POSSUM AS A RESULT, AH GOD NO.

So wait... is Rhea more sad about the death of the possum than her friend now? Not that I think the lives of animals are less than that of a human. 

I like how the possum has become a big thing. The possum was a sign apparently. A SIGN. A sign of a potentially shitty film.

When is this film meant to be set? A lot of the make up styles, hair styles, clothing etc it seems very modern but is meant to be set in the 60s or something?

Two deaths and an angelic lesbian vampire... they're kicking off the year in a pretty interesting manner.

"I promise you... we will make you proud" - If I were in this situation I think I'd be a little more creeped out by everything. Carmilla The Vampire, it is not. Happy New Year! ...You're a vampire. Enjoy!

Creepy truck driver just casually driving past two potentially unconscious women...

OK maybe it's just this scene but things have turned pretty comedic. I thought this was a horror film. I do like that this film depicts people calling out other people for being sexist or for attempting to rape someone. It's pointing out wrongs.

How exactly does Rhea know that they've been underground for 40 years?

Bill has such a funny voice/way of speaking. It's the best part of the film so far...

This is a pretty decent B Movie horror film following two lesbian vampires with a tendency of calling out people for being shitty and for treating as sex objects. Of the two lesbians, Rhea and Brooke, one represents good and the other represents evil. Brooke provides the immoral horror and gore and Rhea is a moral breath of fresh air. They kill some people and take over a small gas station store. It's not the strongest film but it's better than many.

Isn't it sad when vampirism tears a couple apart?

Watching this film has made me realise that I haven't read Le Fanu's "Carmilla" and as a self professed vampire connoisseur I think I really owe it to myself to read it. The actress playing Brooke looks a lot like model Rebecca Romijn.
This film is actually more interesting and way more promising than I initially thought it would be. My expectations for films such as these are usually very low.

If you suspected something weird was going on at a gas station, would you really stay?

So far, and I must now be a good way into the movie, there hasn't been as much horror as I'd expect.

"Dude I think she's a vampire, run!"
Finally, a knowledgeable person in a horror film...

Oh wait, I spoke too soon. There's another little dash of horror...

"This is the Pearblossom Police!"
That sounds like a group from a bad TV show for toddlers.

This day at the gas station has gone by really quickly.

I think it's interesting to leave the film with a moral vampire who aims to use their powers to rid the world of evil. As far as B Movie horror films go this one was way better then most are. It has some virtues and I'll probably mention it in conversation with people when discussing vampire movies without the urgent need to buy the DVD. It was fresh, not overdone at all. It was a strange and pleasant surprise.

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