Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Recommended Reads.

Another Wednesday dawns...
Recommended Reads. Recommended Reads is a segment where I post a few things I've spotted around the internet recently in order to give you interesting things to look at and maybe highlight/signal boost other websites/videos/content.

Here are my picks for the week:

  • Free Tetris Online! I've spent hours playing this game. It's totally free and a little bit addictive.
  • Check out this adorable Tumblr post by Amanda Palmer about missing her husband (Neil Gaiman) and acting their relationship out with puppets.
  • Amazing Home - a blog with beautiful home furnishings and interior design ideas.
  • Rotten Tomatoes - if you're not already aware of it, Rotten Tomatoes is a rather concise and well respected film review website often boasting rather intelligent criticism of different films. Check it out! See what it says about your favourite movies.
  • "Writers Procrastinate" - Yeah, I relate to some of the posts on here.

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