Thursday, 31 October 2013

31 Horror Films in 31 Days Challenge: Film Twenty Nine: The Ward (2010)

My film now, film number twenty nine, is John Carpenter's The Ward. This is a raw blog. By now I'm sure you know that a raw blog is where I just blurt out my thoughts and feelings on the film as I watch it in real time and then post everything uncensored and unedited. This saves me time. After this I need to cram another 2 horror films into the day.


As if I needed another film that makes me anxious about hospitals and mental health facilities. This is why I never go for health checks...

I'm reminded of that line from Pitch Perfect: "I set fires to feel joy."

Can a doctor/psychologist give you pills and not tell you what they are? I'm not sure but it doesn't seem very ethical.

Oh look, Meryl Streep's daughter playing another character called Emily. You can also catch her in a show called Emily Owens, MD.

Gratuitous shower scene because of reasons.

Ha! For the first time in ages a horror film made me jump. The jump scare in the shower scene got me and it's the middle of the day and I'm surrounded by people, not too vulnerable, and I jumped which is rare for me.

This film is actually kind of interesting at the point. I'm very interested in the treatment of women in mental health throughout history. Please tell me that this is all because of some vengeance seeking ghost of a woman who was poorly treated decades ago?

Alice Hudson, a previous patient at the hospital. Did I not say? Did I not kinda call it?
I was close, I guess. Not right, but close enough.

Another excellent jump scare.

This was a decent enough film. I like something with a good twist and it actually made me jump. Normally horror films don't have that much of an impact on me so that was good. Decent enough flick.

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