Wednesday, 16 October 2013

10 Ways to Save Bees

It's been widely reported that the bee population has been decreasing in recent years. It was even a plotline on Doctor Who. Now I'm only relatively new to gardening but I think it should be a focus of ours to do what we can to help the bee population. Bees are being poisoned. Their habitats are slowly being stripped away. What is our problem with bumblebees? Poisoning bees is sad enough, but even sadder when considering the wider consequences. Birds that eat bees will then ingest the poison. The bees can carry the poison onto plants that are eaten by humans, birds and animals. Above you can see a list of ten ways to help save bees which will ultimately raise the bee population. If you can do any of these, please do.

Why are bees so important? Why should we bother protecting them?

I'm glad you asked. Bees are nature's little workers constantly helping to pollinate plants, maintain diversity and crop production. Bees help to regulate and aid the growth of new plants. They keep plants healthy. They make honey for us. 

So please, help your humble bumble community and follow the tips above in any little way you can.

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