Thursday, 31 October 2013

31 Horror Films in 31 Days Challenge: Film Twenty Eight: The Evil Dead(1981)

OK so you know how this goes: I'll be raw blogging along with the film as I watch it. This is the first time I've seen The Evil Dead. I know, I know! But hey - isn't this what the challenge is for?

Ok so a raw blog is a blog that I just write whatever I think and feel at the time as I go along with the film and then upload the post without editing. For me it just saves time. WARNING: THERE WILL BE SPOILERS.

One of the actors reminds me of Liam Kyle Sullivan.

I feel like this film was essential viewing before watching Cabin in the Woods. Like... I've seen plenty of cabin centred slasher/horror flicks but this, I'm assuming, is the archetypal cabin horror.

Adorable daisy cups.

Is that a The Hills Have Eyes poster in the basement?

I live near a forest and I've never seen weird mists like this when I walk around at night.

OK. So I've come to the scene with the tree. Is that honestly necessary? Has violence against women in film become so accepted that we need to put them through new horrors like being raped by a tree? I'm not pleased. That's one of the most uncomfortable film scenes I've ever had to watch.

This film is full of creepy, gross effects that add up to create some excellent Halloween viewing. It's particularly good for the experimental use of sound throughout the movie. I love old school movie effects. So much is done with CGI and digital technology now. I like to see someone transformed into a zombie or someone covered in wounds using only man-made prosthetics and make-up.

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