Wednesday, 30 October 2013

31 Horror Films in 31 Days Challenge: Film Twenty Four: Survival Of The Dead (2009)

So for film 24 in the challenge I've sat down to watch Survival of the Dead.

Having recently watched Night of the Living Dead, I've learned this film is another instalment of a long list of "Living Dead" films by Romero. This, however, lacks the quaint charm of "Night of the Living Dead" where we can forgive the newness and the innocence of the genre exploring new boundaries. Survival of the Dead is a poor quality flick and the zombies are unbelievable and tacky.

This film is interesting in that characters are keeping their undead relatives "alive" by keeping them in their zombie form until a cure can be found. This, of course, leads to problems. It's a nice idea for zombie films, the idea of holding onto hope of a cure and keeping your loved ones, but it's an awful film.

My partner just said "Ha, so this is a comedy? This is meant to be a joke, right? Yeah... this is a joke."
Says it all, really...

This film is so bad it's good really bad.
I'm glad I survived this movie...

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