Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Orange Is The New Black SEASON 2 REVIEW.

Okay so I know I'm posting this super late but I decided to write up a quick review anyway.
Firstly, I love that Netflix put up all of the episodes at once thus allowing for an epic binge fest. I devoured season 2 in 3 days around my work schedule. The show has already been piling up the Emmy nominations as testament to how much of a hit season two was.

Piper felt a little less like the central character as we begin to focus on other characters and story arcs. The characters of Vee, Poussey and Taystee became crucial to the season two storyline. Vee creates a wonderful, sociopathis villain who stirs things up perfectly and manages to shock and offend at every turn. She is the thing you find in prison that really scares you. Everyone's character is tested a little in this season and this allows for such wonderful plot and character development across the board. I'm glad to see my suspicions about Morello were correct but it pains me that I still don't know why a sweetheart like Suzanne (Crazy Eyes) is in prison. By the first episode  of season two we see how Piper has been truly hardened by prison life. She understands and passively accepts her lack of privacy or control and, although she still contests the powers that be, has learned to deal with her circumstances with a 'zero fucks given' attitude. The show is darkly optimistic as it shows how people find ways to cope with incarceration. The show, though constantly adding characters and exploring their story-lines, still feels like an intimate viewing experience. It has a lot of things to subtly say about the treatment of women in the prison system and how the government and parole officers treat their inmates.

This show goes from strength to strength and is still pulling in new viewers every day. What I love about it is that it offers a multitude of different women with different stories. I'm sure every episode passes the Bechdel test. We see women of different strengths, backgrounds, lifestyles and we see how they interact. This feels like the show television has been waiting for.

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