Thursday, 10 July 2014

Chef: Review + Response

So recently I went to see the film Chef about a chef who is given a 2 out of five star rating and a career-ruining review by a renowned food critic. This pushes him to get back to his roots and open up a Cubanos food truck.

That said, the film itself only pulls 2 out of 5 stars.
What could have been a heart warming, foodie comedy fell very flat and seemed to focus more about the power of social media than the mending of a broken family or, you know, food. I was expecting food porn. I wanted to see and experience the food even more than we got to. I wanted more of a relationship to develop between the father and son. It took so long for us to get to the part where the protagonist even acquires the food truck and then they rush through the actual road trip where they could have really had fun with it and explored different regional/state foods and flavours even more. Basic synopsis: Man loses jobs and makes sandwiches for a bit. Miraculously fixes all his problems.

Sofia Vergara was charming and Scarlett Johansson, whose character was totally irrelevant and gratuitous, really suited her short brunette bob. This was an uneventful flick that glossed over the meat in favour of a few flicks of spice. I find it hard to believe that a simple tweet or two could honestly conjure up enough business. Sure, Carl the chef became a meme but memes die fast. Elements of the film just seem unrealistic. I'm sure the petrol/gas prices involved in driving across state and around America would have totally eaten up all of their earnings. This film was slow, like a meal that's flavourless and hard to digest.

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