Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Silver Linings Search: December!

Here we are at the end of the year. I cannot believe that this is it. The year has gone by so fast. I've been doing this, noting the good things from throughout the month, since January. I began doing this as an exercise in positive thinking. I wanted to somehow record the good things that happen in the month to preserve them. In doing so I do not allow them to be overshadowed by the bad things that happen.

I'll put together a little post with a collection of all of my silver linings search posts so I have a collection of all the good things that the year has brought me. I'll see what I can remember and what still stays with me.

  • I booked two weeks off this month from work as paid holiday. From November 30th - December 14th I had time to just chill and work on things that I wanted to work on. 
  • For my hard work my boss gave me two tickets to see my favourite play which was super sweet.
  • I went to a really cool party and ate free food and danced the night away. What more do you want?
  • December 14th was my partner's birthday and we 
  •  I finally dyed my hair blue! I've been wanting blue hair since my final year of university and I never got around to it. Once I got the okay from my boss I just went for it. I mixed a blue and a green and I just love it!
  • After a meeting at work, I went out for breakfast with some of my lovely co-workers. We had a lot of laughs and then went to see a movie. It was lovely. 
  • I spent a lovely few days with my partner. There was one day where for about 6 hours we didn't leave my room. We just snuggled down and hid from the cold for a six hour cuddle.
  • Christmassy vibes! It all began on the 6th of December when we put up the tree, decorated it and threw Christmas ornaments everywhere. Suddenly the house was filled with candles and wreaths. Beautiful!
  • I exercised my baking/cooking skills and I managed to make some delicious onion relish and goat cheese puff pastry things. They were wonderful. 
  • I also did some chocolate crafting and made loads of yummy treats. I had to test them for poison before I gave them to people. Yes. That was the best part.
  • On December 8th I got to see my sister perform in a Christmas concert full of great music and winter favourites. That's when it started to feel Christmassy
  • I got to spend some real quality time with my sister and we had the opportunity to just talk this month.
  • My Dad and I went on a long walk which enabled me to spend some quality time with him too. We got up early one morning and walked through the forest and got a coffee together. I love spending time with my Dad and that afternoon is/was precious to me. 
  • I got to spend some lovely time with my partner too. I especially loved having one or two really lazy days where we just worked on our laptops in bed and put no make up on and cuddled. Perfect. 
  • I performed in a variety show where I sang 'Let It Go' from Frozen. It's probably a sin but, as I write this, I still have not seen Frozen. That said, I did my best to fill the role of a Disney Princess. 
  • CHRISTMASSSSSSSS! Yes, Christmas day gets an entire bullet point.
  • I love the general vibe of the month of December: everyone is so charitable and merry. It warms my heart!
  • I got to spend Christmas day with my beautiful partner for the first time ever. We've previously spent Christmas with our respective families but she joined me for Christmas. We opened presents together and went to visit my aunt/uncle/cousins together. It was the best!
  • I got so many rad Christmas presents. I am stocked up on books for the next few months. I'm so happy.
  • I spent Boxing Day with my partner and my future mother/father in law and we feasted. Then I curled up and read a book by the fire. Is that not perfection?
  • The day after Boxing Day I went to a really swish but laid back dinner party. I had prawn cocktail three days in a row - no complaints. It was delicious. I've eaten like a Queen this month.

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