Thursday, 14 August 2014

Bird Box: The Movie?

So, I recently posted my review for Bird Box by Josh Malerman calling it the best book I've read all year. Therefore, I am sure you can understand my excitement to know that it may soon become a movie.

Universal Pictures has acquired the rights to the film and rumour has it that a writer is already attached to the project as well as a director. Rumour says that the director will be Andy Muschietti, director of films such as Mama. Writer for the project will apparently be Eric Heisserer who has worked on projects such as Final Destination 5, The Thing and the Nightmare on Elm Street reboot. I am really excited about the potential of a film and really hope the project goes ahead. When reading it I thought that, if I were a director, this would be a book I've love to adapt and direct. I instantly thought that it would make a wonderful film.

If you want to read this stunning horror novel, click the widget below and it'll link you to the book on Amazon:

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