Monday, 11 August 2014

Anne Rice Film Rights Bought By Universal

Are we to see Lestat take to the screen once more? Recent news says that it could be a possibility.

Universal have invested in Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles as part of a plan to resurrect the horror/vampire genre. Investment from a major studio could be great for Anne Rice's work. The Interview with the Vampire movie was a hit, Queen of the Damned less so. A reboot of the franchise could certainly be promising. In previous Vampire Chronicles films the casting and plots haven't always been faithful to the books (this is a real understatement) and so I am personally excited for this news. Anne's son Christopher Rice is even set to work on upcoming screenplays of his mother's work. Anne often talks on her spectacularly popular Facebook page about potential dream casting for her characters, often stating an interest in Stephen Amell for the role of Lestat. I'm hoping Anne has decent involvement in future projects around her own work.

I love Anne Rice's work and am really excited for the potential of more films. May they come soon, may they be good.

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