Saturday, 6 September 2014

Will Underworld Be Awakening? The Underworld Franchise Is Set For Future Reboot

News has emerged that the Underworld franchise is set for a reboot in the not too distant future. Lakeshore Entertainment is working on the project and, although it is in the early stages of production, Priest script writer Cory Goodman is set to work on the project so things are starting to take form. The films follow Death-Dealer, vampire-chick Selene (as played by Kate Beckinsale) on a seemingly never ending war between lycans and vampires. In the last instalment, Underworld: Awakening, vampires and lycans had put aside their differences to take on a new threat: humans. The most recent Underworld movie (Underworld: Awakening) was the first Underworld movie to be shot for 3D screenings which shows that the producers and directors aren't afraid to take creative risks. Nothing about plot lines or characters is known so far about the reboot. Here's hoping that the Underworld reboot has a promising future as these films are my guilty pleasure.

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