Friday, 26 September 2014

Sex Tape: Review + Response

I've seen so many films recently that I meant to write a review for. Into The Storm, Before I Go To Sleep, Lucy... All of them were better than Sex Tape and far more worthy of a review but here we go, this is the review I'll start with.

I went to see Sex Tape and shared the cinema screening room with one horny (and potentially rather drunk) couple who spent the entire film laughing manically and falling over each other mid make out session. Sex Tape will pander to that kind of American Pie loving audience. I went to see the film with very low expectations. It didn't exceed those low expectations.

Sex sells: that's why people have gone to see this movie. Our culture is so obsessed with sex that it was sure to get butts into seats. The film follows Jay and Annie, played by Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz, who are an older couple with two kids and they are struggling to re-kindle their sex lives. One night they decide to really spice things up by making a sex tape having had a discussion about porn. Then, disaster strikes, Jay forgets to delete the sex tape and manages to sync the iPad he filmed the sex tape on with several other devices. Now their sex tape is available to many of their friends and family and they go on a not-so-thrilling adventure to get the sex tapes back. They have managed to send it to Annie's mother, their best friends, Annie's new boss... It begs the question: Who has that many iPads to give away? Who is so wealthy that they can afford to give iPads away to people they've just met? Who gives their mail man an iPad? Who? What? How? This film seems so stupidly unrealistic to be believed. Though the film isn't as smutty as you'd imagine, it's just darn silly. It didn't arouse my interest and the film was (excuse the pun) somewhat anti-climactic. It wasn't funny. It wasn't sexy. By the end it's some weird family-focused farce that is too far-fetched to enjoy. The film was a feeble attempt at humour that didn't bring out a laugh in me and I left as soon as the credits hit the screen. This was a real flop for me. An over the top wild goose chase...

I'm not sure if this film is a good or bad advert for Apple products.

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