Friday, 9 January 2015

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!

One thing I'm trying this year is to cut down on the amount of fizzy drinks I consume. There are so many health risks with soda and fizzy drinks including heart disease, risk of Type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis and even cancer. I am currently weaning myself off with tea and coffee. I've been drinking a lot of loose leaf teas and herbal teas. I try to keep my tea varied as different teas can offer different health benefits. Click here to read an article I wrote a while back on the health benefits of different kinds of tea. I'm drinking a lot of black coffee at the minute, sometimes with the occasional latte, but I've stopped drinking sugary Starbucks coffees like some of those chocolate cream frappuccino things. I'm trying to drink coffee as healthily as possible whilst also taking great care to ensure it's not staining my teeth. So far I'm doing a lot better than expected. Hopefully I'll be able to cut down my intake of fizzy drinks. There are far less calories in tea and coffee anyway.

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